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Markku Raitisoja |

I'm introverted (INFJ) person who likes to tinker different software on Linux.
My main interests are in privacy and security.
I have been working in IT business almost 20 years in different roles.
Recently I have been working as an IT infra architect, designing and implementing different platforms.

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@Juju very fine Femme and Friday 😊

Kuchen cw food, non vegan
@Julia_Schmeer yeah I know

Kuchen cw food, non vegan
@Julia_Schmeer cheesecake is my favorite

@Juju very nice color. It looks good

@cybette the RedHat logo might give you away if I’d see you in the city. Otherwise cool look.

Tails 4.16 is out

- Tor Browser to 10.0.12.
- Thunderbird to 78.7.0.
- Linux to 5.10.13. This should improve the support for newer hardware (graphics, Wi-Fi, and so on).
-Tor to

fixed issues:
- Stop focusing on the Cancel button by default when downloading an upgrade to prevent canceling the download by mistake

Automatic upgrades are available from Tails 4.15

To upgrade from Tails 4.14 check the release note:

@Juju you wear that before you find something darker 😊

@Gina great

selfie, eye contact
@Juju very nice

@cybette of course

@cybette cool and now you can’t or have to give the controls to just anybody.

@cybette do you have a card you can show you’re licensed 😊

@cybette well done. Congratulations

@cybette you should be always prepared with fishing gear 😊

@cybette did you get any fish 😊

@Juju very nice

@cybette good to hear. Have to try one day

@cybette So it’s a good place to visit?

@cybette not quite like that.

@cybette just change to your Nokia 8110 😊